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Navigation Bar Component
Table Features and Settings
Image Manipulation
JavaScript Pop-up Links
  • Javascript popup links are now done directly within the links properties palette so there is no more need to insert popup scripts and wonder if you have the proper relative location for the link target as Fusion will determine the correct code to generate based on your site projects layout in site view and your settings in publish view. This is now all tracked within the Fusion site project file so you can move pages around and Fusion will know where they are and correct the script so that you will never have to fumble around yourself to find them again.
Database Component Tools
Component Manager
Grouping Objects
  • You can now group objects in Page View and save your selection to apply global changes to the group. Because grouped objects are remembered you can come back to a page several days later, select the group and manipulate the entire group (move everything, apply a different font, border, etc.) just be selecting the named group and working with it just as though you had selected them all over again.
New Local and Remote Publish options
  • Publishing options have been completely reworked.  for both local and remote publishing features
  • In Local Publishing the last choice you made for publishing pages is remembered so that when you are working on a single page all you need to do is click publish and if the last publish was a single page it is retained as the default
  • Now remote publishing is a snap with the ability to Test a connection to your remote server before you leave the set up dialogue box so you know that everything will work before you start to publish your pages
  • Secure FTP is now one of the choices for remote publishing
  • Once you work with this new Publish View you will never again leave the product to use a 3rd party FTP program as everything is easily contorted within the User Interface.
A Totally new and improved Site Style workspace

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