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Here is an easy to configure drop down menu I found. It's freeware as long as you leave the credit lines in the code intact.

I got it from this site:

Check it out for yourself, or follow the instructions below.

To implement it

When you place this menu on your page, it creates a new layer over the top of your page which won't appear until you publish. You won't see anything in Fusion at all until you publish. You just have to make sure that, in your page design, you allow a space for it to inhabit.

1. Download this file. When you unzip it, you will find two .js files. In Assets View, add both as New File Assets. Make sure they will be published to the same directory as the page the menu is on. (To check this, go to Publish view and make sure they are in the same directory. If they aren't, drag them there.)

One of them you edit to configure your menu (menu.js). The other (clemnu_sys.js) you simply add as a new file asset and never touch it.

2. Put this in the Beginning of Body of the page that is to have the menu on it:

<SCRIPT src="menu.js" type=text/javascript>

<SCRIPT src="clmenu_sys.js" type=text/javascript>
//Copyright (c) 2002 Coyotee Labs Romania (
//This script can be used freely as long as all copyright messages are intact.
//Visit WWW.COYOTEELABS.GO.RO for more scripts

3. Open menu.js with Wordpad. (Not Notepad! In Notepad, it will not wrap as it is intended. The paragraph formatting in Wordpad reflects the structure of the menus themselves, which is what makes this menu easy to configure.)

4. Edit the parameters. It's obvious what most of them do, but it's worth 1/2 an hour to publish it as is, then to change a parameter and see what it does. (There is a config.htm file referred to by a note in the script itself. This didn't come with the package I downloaded. I've asked the publisher for it, but, in the meantime, it's pretty clear what most of the parameters are for.)

5. Edit the menu structure. If you are familiar with outlining conventions, then it will be very clear how they are structured. Here's what one of my menus looks like in Wordpad:

The structure above follows legal outlining conventions. Like this:












If this is at all familiar, then you will see very clearly how to structure your menus.

6. Publish your site.

That's it. Good luck.

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