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Layout Property Palette  Master Border Property Palette

When you paste text from Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point etc. to NetObjects Fusion, Microsoft formatting code will enter your site, causing it to display in strange ways and not as intended.

It is recommended when pasting from any of the above, to use Notepad as a go-between. Example: paste from Word to Notepad, copy from Notepad and paste to Fusion, this will remove the formatting and you will have no problems with the display of your site.

Or, if you have Nof 7, you can use the paste special command, unformatted text, this makes it possible to paste directly to Nof from any software.

To remove the code, click the HTML button on the layout PP on each page that had text pasted to from any of the above.  then delete any code in blue in any of the 3 tabs as seen below! Then do the same for each master border that is used by your site.

Page HTML Window


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