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The following tips require that both version 4 browsers are ticked and the css radio button is pushed. Preferred method of publishing is dynamic!
All examples were created in style view, edit text styles! Ideally, you should create a new style based on an existing one, every time you start a new site!

How to create a new style based on an existing one?

How to make the background image fixed, centered horizontally and vertically, no matter what the browser resolution and size! This works in IE4 and higher and NS6, NS7 and Mozilla1.3

How to remove the brackets from a text navigation bar in Nof 5, MX, Nof 7 and Nof 7.5?

How to remove the underline from links?

How to set hover color for text links?

How to format an individual link to be different from the rest?

How to create multiple hover and link styles on a single page and site wide?

How to apply a different text and link style on a single page, different to all other pages? This example shows a different hover background and H1 style.

How to apply borders to text boxes? CSS must be turned on! This works In IE 4 and higher and in NS6, NS7 and Mozilla1.3

How to create rollover effects without rollover images?
This works with IE4 and higher and NS6, NS7 and Mozilla1.3

How to use the Span Tool?

How to create a custom css style and apply it?


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