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Select the Zero Margin Masterborder! ()

Draw a text box inside the layout area and select size to layout! ()

Then select wrap to browser width! ()

In the layout property palette, set the main background color. () If using CSS, you can set bg color in site view.

Set the layout width to 620 pixel! ()

Use the table tool and click inside the text box, select single column, single row ()

Then push the fixed width radio button. ()

Use the table tool and click to the right of the first table, select single column and single row and push the relative width radio button. ()

Now you have 2 tables sitting next to each other, the left one a fixed width and the right one relative width. ()

Drag the sizing handles of the left table to your desired width (in this example 140 pixel) Drag the sizing handles of the right table to your desired width (in this example 460 pixel) 460 pixel + 140 pixel = 600 pixel (this makes sure that your site looks okay in 640x480 resolutions!)

Set the background color of the right table, then start typing and place your images! To align the images, use the alignment property palette or the text property palette (images will be treated like text)

See autosize to browser width without frames in action!

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