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Using the Zoom Site Search within NetObjects Fusion

Overview of Zoom

The Zoom site search program is a stand alone site indexing software that will create a searchable index of your web site pages and store this index locally for fast search results. Unlike other site searches the index is created by the Zoom software and it is stored locally so searches are lightning fast and accurate.

The Zoom site search program comes in 3 versions:

  • Free: As the name says, this is a free version of Zoom. It is limited to sites of 50 pages or less.
  • Professional: For sites up to 50,000 pages. This version must be purchased from Zoom but it should be adequate for any commercial web site you may be building with your NetObjects Fusion product
  • Enterprise: Unlimited pages and additional search functionality. GotFusion is using the Enterprise version of Zoom to let you search our 500 tutorials and 800 additional support related pages

For an idea of which version is best for you, look at the Wrensoft comparison page for all 3 editions:

Getting Started

Download the Zoom site search program from the WrenSoft Web Site and install it on your local computer

Zoom site search creates its search code in PHP, ASP, ASP.NET or CGI for use on web sites and it can also create the search code in javascript format for searching a CD version of your web pages so it is usable on all platforms. Since this is an internal option, you can choose which code output you want to have created at the time you have Zoom create the index and search page coding.

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