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Setting and Configuring the Forms Processing Script

If you have not already used the Fusion forms tools to set up your form. Go over this tutorial that covers how to create a form using the Form tools.

Select the form by clicking on the Form Label. This will select the Form Properties palette.

On the Action drop-down box, select Form Handler PHP

Select the Form Handler PHP option

Setting the Handler Options

Double Click on each of the options and enter values that correspond to your needs:

Configure the Form Handler PHP options
  • SMTP Server: Your web hosting mail server IP

  • From: Create an email address for this

  • To: Use the same address as in From

  • Subject: Add an email subject line

  • Success URL: Enter the page you wish to show when submitted

NetObjects Fusion will write a PHP forms processing script that will work with the form you created and use the settings you entered. Make sure your host supports PHP, upload the form and processing script and you should be all set.

Using the form tools and this form handler option will allow you to have much more flexibility in how your form looks as you can construct it any way you want using the forms tools and the form container options that are available to you

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