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How you can have every New site open the way you want it:

You can create a custom site template that will have all of the things you want in a new site:

  • Open a New Blank Site
  • Go to Site View, create a new site based on an existing site and set it as the default
  • Go to Page View, press F10 for the masterborder properties palette. Click the HTML button on the MasterBorder Properties palette and enter your META tags, onLoad commands, and JavaScript functions that you normally use on all of your sites.
  • Click  Tools > Site Settings > and edit  the browser compatibility, and html options settings. Set your number of backups to 10.
  • Switch to Style View and set your text CSS (or HTML) formatting, font, size, text color, back ground color, etc.
  • While in style view select the default style you wish to start with every time.  If you want to start with a blank page instead of one of the existing pre-made styes, make a NEW style based on any of the ones in the style list and call it blank.  Remove all banners, navigation, background and text formatting from the blank style, then in Page View set the page to ZeroMargins.
  • If you always use a set group of components such as DogEar, PagePosition, DynamicMenu or GraphicMenu place these on the page.

When you have all of the settings adjusted the way you want to start all of your new sites, then switch to Site View and from the menu bar select File > Export as Template.  Navigate to the Fusion Templates folder and give this a name of NewSite.

When you start a new site instead of using the menu choice File > New Site > Blank Site select File > New Site > From Template and select the NewSite template. After opening select File > Save Site As > give it a name.  You can then set MasterBorders and the navigation and banner style that you have made.


If you wish to have this file open when you select File > New Site > Blank Site then in the Fusion\Auto Sites\ folder find the zip file that says New and rename it to org-New, copy over your new template into this folder and rename it New Blank.Zip. Then every time you start with a new blank site your new settings will be in every site you start.

You can save as many different blank starting templates as you want, just give each a unique name.

Here is an example template that you can download to give you an idea of some default settings you can have This template will work for any version of the product from version 7 onward

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